Our goal is simple: to help you create Science Waves in your communities.

We design and execute powerful communication strategies for leading science and technology organisations.

We diligently navigate from high-level strategic planning to practical implementation of day-to-day communication tools to help you achieve your objectives. We combine PR industry practices with science quality standards and an in-depth understanding of how science and technology are produced.

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Our Purpose

Through powerful science and technology communication, we help you:

  • build a stronger reputation for your organisation
  • amplify the impact of your research and technology results by communicating them to the relevant stakeholders in simple and engaging ways
  • communicate the societal benefits of your work to gain continued public support
  • attract talent and cultivate the spirit of science in the following generations

In short, we #SWave. As SWavers, we stand for science communication that always is: Bold | Accurate | Efficient | Engaging


Strategic communication planning | Branding strategy | Internal communication | Crisis communication | Media relations | Community relations | Science writing and translations | Social media management | Digital services and products | Shop and inventory management | Distribution | Events & campaigns |  Marketing tools | Advertising | Websites |

Start a Science Wave


Our team brings together professionals from around the world of Public Relations, Outreach, Astronomy, Physics, Space Engineering, Graphics, Digital and more to create the exact mix of skills you need. 

Screenshot 2021-08-14 at 20.55.20Science Wave was founded by Oana Sandu, a science and technology communication expert with over 11 years of experience. Her passion for science communication led her to quit a Jr. Manager position in a leading PR agency to follow her dream as an intern turned freelancer turned company founder.

She has coordinated award-winning outreach and communication campaigns for research organisations around the globe. She loves a good challenge, which is why strategic consultancy, brand strategy and crisis communication are her favourite areas of communication. “Everything is achievable if your PR research is done right” is one of her beliefs.

Besides leading the company, Oana serves the community by volunteering for the International Astronomical Union, currently being the President of the Communicating Astronomy with the Public Commission C2.


We have worked with intergovernmental organisations, research institutes, space agencies, technology companies, individual researchers and non-profits. Our clients are based in Europe, US or are international.

Brands that have trusted us include the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope, the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, the European Southern Observatory (ESO), the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Centre for Medium-Ranged Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA), to name just a few.

Our strongest presence is in the astronomy and space field, but we have recently expanded to other research areas as well.

A good PR professional can adapt to diverse industries and works efficiently in tandem with the client’s experts. I have communicated for astronomy, particle physics, Earth Observation, agriculture research, but also for motorcycles, coffee brands, children’s cloths, hat designers, not-for-profits in women rights. Once you have the strategy and skills, there is no show stopper. Only exciting challenges“, Oana Sandu, Science Wave founder.

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We are always looking for talented people to join our team. We are a driven, enthusiastic bunch of people, working in a friendly and flexible environment, spread out across several countries. If you are a scientist or engineer with an interest in communication, a communicator with an interest in science or technology or a professional in audiovisual or written arts (including translations), please send us a maximum two-page long resumé and we will contact you as soon as we can.


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